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Ecovadis Certification Consultants



We at Blue Sky can provide our consultancy services to organizations looking for

1. Ecovadis Certifications

2. Sustainability assessments

3. Sustainability Ratings

4. Ecovadis Medals

Ecovadis Assessment Criteria includes 

1. Environment
2. Labor & Human Rights
3. Ethics
4. Sustainable Procurement. 

For more information, please refer our website - 

Organizations may contact us which are looking for 

a. Fresh Ecovadis Assessments 

b. Want to improve their current Ecovadis score to next level which includes achieving Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal or Platinum Medal. 

Sustainability Management System 

Ecovadis focuses on implementing, maintaining & improving ESG performance of organization with a robust Sustainability Management Systems. 

A matured sustainability management system has elements like 

1. Matured Policies covering all ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance Criterias 

2. Realtime Measures & Actions to prove that Policies are implemented adequately in the organization 

3. ESG reporting frame work that shows how organization's ESG performance is improving year on year with the help of sustainability management system. 



Expert Ecovadis Consultants

Expert Ecovadis Consultants

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Product Details:
Scope Of WorkEcovadis Certification & Support for Score Improvement
Consultancy Service TypeEcovadis Certification Consulting
TypeEcovadis Registration & Ecovadis Assessments Consultancy
LocationProviding Ecovadis certification consultancy services at Global Level
Type Of Service ProviderBest in Ecovadis Score Improvement & Ecovadis Medals
Focus AreasSustainability Management System
Blue Sky is an Expert Ecovadis certification consultants located in India. 

Blue Sky is providing Ecovadis certification consultancy services at Global level;

Our service scope includes , 

1. Understanding Ecovadis sustainability requirements

2. Understanding sustainability rating mechanism

3. Interpreting Ecovadis Sustainability score card

4. Implementing Policies, Actions & Results to Improve Ecovadis Score. 

5. Guiding on how to obtain Ecovadis medals like Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum 

Why Ecovadis Certification is Dependeble 

1. Evidence Based Evaluation

2. Industry location and Size based customized requirements

3. Diversification of Sources

4. Technology driven

5. Assessment by International CSR Experts

6. Traceability and Transperancy

7. Excellence through continious improvement

Benefits of Ecovadis Sustainability Assessments

1. Helps in integrating Sustainability in supply chains

2. Helps in Giving independent opinion about ESG performance of organization based on Factual and Expert Evaluation 

3. Gives clarity about improvement areas for further maturing of Sustainability Management System 

4. Enhances brand value of organization based on improvement in Environmental, Social & Governance performance.  

Role of Blue Sy as Proficient Ecovadis Consultants 

1. Understanding organization''''''''s business context 

2. Understanding Size of organization , Products, Processes, Energy use, Wastes generated & other criterias as per requirement of Ecovadis Sustainabiity ratings

3. Mapping requirements of Ecovadis sustainability ratings with Organization''''''''s business context. 

4. Guiding organizations for initiating necessary actions to comply with Ecovadis sustainability certification requirements. This includes providing sample formats, documents for easy understanding and implementation. 

5. Ensuring that compliance with Ecovadis assessment criterias is integrated in business processes of Organization. 

6. Guiding organizations for registration with Ecovadis & completing Ecovadis assessment. 

7. Educating organizations for understanding Ecovadis score cards and implementing actions on improvement areas. 

Blue Sky is providing Ecovadis consultancy services for 

1. Ecovadis Registration
2. Understanding Ecovadis Questionnaire 
2. Completing Ecovadis CSR Assessments 
3. Understanding Sustainability score cards. 
4. Implementing necessary actions to Improve Ecovadis score. 
5. Achieving Ecovadis medals like Bronze , Silver , Gold & Platinum. 

We can provide our Ecovadis consultancy services to organizations located globally.

In India, we can provide our Ecovadis consultancy services to organizations located at Gujarat ( Ahmedabad Vadodara Surat Rajkot ) , Rajasthan ( Jaipur Udaipur Jodhpur ) , Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi , Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh ( Kanpur Lucknow) , Madhya Pradesh ( Indore, Bhopal ) , Bihar ( Patna ), West Bengal ( Kolkata ), Odisha ( Cuttack, Bhubaneswar ) , Chhattisgarh ( Raipur ) , Telangana ( Hyderabad ) , Maharashtra ( Mumbai, Pune, Nasik ) , Karnataka ( Bengaluru ) , Andhra Pradesh ( Vishakhapatnam, Vijaywada ) ¸ Tamilnadu ( Chennai, Coimbatore ), Kerala ( Kochi )  & Jharkhand ( Ranchi )
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Ecovadis Consultants

Ecovadis Consultants

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Product Details:
Consultancy Service TypeEcovadis Certification Consulancy
TypeEcovadis Consultants India
Type Of ServiceEcovadis Medals & Logo
LocationEcovadis certification consultancy services at Global Level
Blue Sky is a leading Ecovadis Certification Consultants. We are providing our Consultancy services for organizations in India & abroad. 

Our Ecovadis consultancy scope of service includes, 

1. Understanding context of organization including scale of business, nature of products &  ESG impacting parameters. 

2. Mapping organization's business with Ecovadis assessment Criterias. This includes mapping with Environment, Labor Standards, Ethics & Sustainable procurement requirements. 

3. Suggesting Documents to be maintained to comply with Ecovadis assessment criteria requirements. This documentation will include

- Policies
- Procedures
- Reporting Indicators 
- Records 

4. Reviewing documents for their adequacy as per Ecovadis assessment / Ecovadis certification requirements. 

5. Guiding organization for completing Ecovadis Assessment. 

6. Guiding organization for understanding Ecovadis assessment report & implementing improvement areas. 

Blue Sky can provide Ecovadis registration consultancy services to ,

1. Organizations looking for Fresh Ecovadis certification / assessments. 

2. Organizations already undergone through Ecovadis certification / assessment & willing to improve their current Ecovadis rating / score.

3. Organizations willing to obtain Ecovadis Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum medals. 

Procedure of Ecovadis Certification 

1. Implementing Sustainability Management System as per Ecovadis Sustainability assessment criterias. 

2. Giving Training to employees about Sustainability management system. 

3. Maintaining documentation to meet Ecovadis certification criterias 

4. Registration on Ecovadis portal 

5. Completing Ecovadis Assessment as per Ecovadis Questionnaire 

6. Making payment based on Ecovadis subscription. 

7. Getting Ecovadis Sustainability assessment score card based on undergone Ecovadis assessment.

8. Getting Ecovadis medal if Ecovadis score is eligible for any medal amongst Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

9. Taking actions on Improvement areas given in Ecovadis score card. 

10. Sharing Ecovadis certification score card and Actions on improvement areas with customers and other stake holders. 

11. Improving performance of Sustainability Management System. 

Blue Sky is a leading Ecovadis certification consultant and provides Ecovadis certification consultancy services at global level including  including countries like India, USA, Egypt, Greece, Singapore,UAE, Canada, UK ( Britain) , Italy, Malaysia, Mexico,New Zealand, Poland,South Africa,Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Australia , Norway, Netherlands & Denmark
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EcoVadis FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

EcoVadis FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Details:
Consultancy Service TypeEcoVadis FAQs


A) What is an EcoVadis certification?

  • EcoVadis is a sustainability rating agency that assesses an organization’s sustainability management system
  • EcoVadis provides a unique sustainability score card & sustainability rating.
  • Organization may receive EcoVadis medals like Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum if it is eligible

B) What is the EcoVadis certification process? How to get EcoVadis certified ?

  • Understanding EcoVadis Sustainability Management System requirements
  • Maintain evidences of Policies, Procedures, Check Lists, Goals, KPI, & Records showing effective planning & implementation of Sustainability Management System  
  • Register on EcoVadis Portal
  • Go through customized sustainability assessment based on registration details
  • EcoVadis sustainability analyst will review sustainability management system documentation & map with EcoVadis assessment criterias & scoring principles
  • EcoVadis will give unique sustainability rating & score card along with a medal if score is eligible to obtain a medal

C) Which companies are using EcoVadis sustainability assessment for their suppliers ?

Example Industries are - TFS Members, Health Care, Beauty Care Railways Supply Chains, Consumer Goods,  & Food

D) What is a good EcoVadis score?

  • It all depends upon buyer which asks for going through EcoVadis assessment.
  • Normally a score above 48 can be considered as good. 

E) What is EcoVadis Price or Cost? 

  • EcoVadis has annual price based on subscription plan selected.
  • Plans are available in various categories like Basic, Premium & Corporate.
  • Plan & Price varies depending on company size & country of operation.

F)   What is importance of EcoVadis certification? What are benefits of EcoVadis  certification ? 

  • EcoVadis is a prominent sustainability assessment agency
  • Its sustainability rating methodology is robust, scientific & backed by subject experts.
  • Now a days when sustainable development is a need of era, agencies like EcoVadis are quite helpful in baselining and Improving Sustainability Management System of an organization.
  • EcoVadis certification may be one stop solution to comply with sustainability requirements asked by many customers of an organization  

What is an EcoVadis scorecard? How to Check Score ?


  • EcoVadis evaluates sustainability management system of an organization & gives a score out of 100.
  • An EcoVadis score card includes Total score, Theme scores, and Strength & Improvement areas of Each theme.
  • One can check its EcoVadis score card by logging in to Ecovadis portal

H)   What is expiry or validity of EcoVadis Certification ?

EcoVadis Subscription & EcoVadis Score card ( Certification ) both has validity of one year. 


I)   Which documents shall we prepare to get EcoVadis Certification ?

Documents indicating Effective planning, implementation & Improvement of Sustainability Management System will be required.

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EcoVadis FAQ Continues

EcoVadis FAQ Continues

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Product Details:
Consultancy Service TypeEcoVadis Common Question & Answers

J) How to improve current EcoVadis Score? How to obtain Bronze , Silver , Gold or Platinum EcoVadis Medals ?

To improve current EcoVadis score, it is recommended that organization shall,


  • Take corrective actions on Improvement areas given in the score card.
  • Implement new sustainability initiatives that improves CSR performance
  • Cover all sites under External certifications, Trainings, Employee Care benefits etc.
  • Go for External endorsements & eco labels.

K) My Ecovadis rating score is below expectation ? What shall I do to improve same ? Can I go through reassessment ?

  • It is recommended to implement actions as mentioned above in point J
  • Once implemented, organization can go through reassessment to improve current EcoVadis score 

L) How long does it take to complete the EcoVadis Certification ? 


It all depends upon current Sustainability Management System and its compliance with EcoVadis sustainability rating criterias & expectations

What is EcoVadis Questionnaire ? 


EcoVadis Questionnaire is unique Assessment Criteria given by EcoVadis based on context of company's registerred on EcoVadis portal. 

N) Is there any Audit Check List available for EcoVadis


It is preferable to understand Sustainability Management System Requirement laid down by EcoVadis to understand Sustainability Assessment Criteria & Check list. 

O) Can we use EcoVadis Logo after EcoVadis Certification 


If organization's EcoVadis rating score is eligible for any medal then EcoVadis provides softcopy of medal ( Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) depending on score & subscription plan. 

This medal can be used on website & other material as per EcoVadis guidelines. 
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