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Ecovadis Certification Process


Found in 2004, Blue Sky is a leading consulting organization for Ecovadis Sustainability Assessments.  

Organizations may contact us which are looking for,

a) Fresh Ecovadis Assessment / Certification

b) Improving Current Ecovadis Score,

c) Achieving Medals issued by Ecovadis such as  Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum

d) Implementing robust Sustainability Management System 

e) Improving ESG Performance 

What is Ecovadis 

EcoVadis is a sustainability rating provider agency. 

EcoVadis assees sustainability performance of an organization based on following four thems 

1) Environment

2) Labor Standards

3) Ethics

4) Sustainable Procurement 

What are benefits of EcoVadis Sustainability Ratings 

1. Creating Sustainable supply chains 

2. EcoVadis assessment is done by International sustainability Experts

3. Sustainability Assessments are customized based on company size, company business & country of operation

4. Sustainability Assessments are Technology driven & Factual evidence based

5. Sustainability Criterias and Assessment requirements are continually changing based on changing trend in sustainability field 

6. Ecovadis Sustainability Assessments & Ratings are recognized globally. 

For more Information about Ecovadis Assessments, kindly contact us. 

We can provide our Ecovadis consultancy services to organizations across the globe. 


Ecovadis Certification Process

Ecovadis Certification Process

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Product Details:
LocationEcovadis Consultancy Services Provided at Global Level
Type Of Industry / BusinessConsultancy for Ecovadis Registration Method
Type of IndustryApplicable to All Sectors
Certifications ProvidedEcovadis Process
Document RequiredEcovadis Questionnaire
ExpertiseEcovadis Certification

What is Ecovadis Certification

1. Ecovadis is Sustainability Rating Platform. 

2. Ecovadis gives sustainability ratings based on performance of an organization rated on Environment, Labor Standards, Ethics & Sustainable Procurement criterias. 

What is Ecovadis Certification Process.

1. Organizations willing to obtain Ecovadis Registration shall implement sustainability management system according to Ecovadis CSR assessment criterias

2. Implementation includes Ecovadis criteria related Policies preparation, Ecovadis criterias related Actions / Measures  implementation, Trainings, Measuring compliance with Policy Objectives, &  Reporting of Sustainability performance. 

3. Registration on Ecovadis Portal.

4. Completing Ecovadis CSR assessment based on Ecovadis Questionnaire. 

5. Getting Ecovadis score card & Eligible Ecovadis medal as per sustainability assessment results. 

6. Getting Ecovadis Medal Logo based on Score & Subscription plan. 

7. Sharing Ecovadis sustainability score card & Ecovadis medal ( Eligible ) with customers. 

EcoVadis certification contains following Sustainability Assessment Criterias For Environment 

1. Energy and GHGs for Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3

2. Water Management 

3. Air & Land Pollution Management 

4. Materials and Wastes 

5. Product end of life 

6. Customer Health & Safety 

EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment Criterias & Audit check list For Labor Standard Category contains 

1. Employee health and safety

2. Working conditions

3. Social Dialogue

4. Career management & Training

5. Child and Forced labor

6. Discrimination

7. Harassment

EcoVadis audit check list For Ethics Category contains 

1. Corruption & bribery

2. Anti Competitive Practice

3. Data Security

4. Whistle Blower Mechanism 

EcoVadis CSR Assessment Criteria For Sustainable Procurement Category contains 

1. Supplier Environmental Performance

2. Supplier social performance

Organizations looking for Ecovadis Certification Process, Ecovadis registration procedure, & Ecovadis CSR assessments may contact us. 

We can provide consulting services for Ecovadis certification for organizations located at India, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico,New Zealand, Poland,South Africa,Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Australia , Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore,UAE, Canada, UK ( Britain) , USA.
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Ecovadis Certification

Ecovadis Certification

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Product Details:
Certifications ProvidedEcovadis CSR Sustainability Certification
Services offeredEcovadis Certification Consultancy
Type of IndustryApplicable to All Sectors
TypeEcovadis Registration Methodology
Consultancy Service TypeConsultancy for Ecovadis Certification, Ecovadis Registration
Document RequiredEcovadis Questionnaire
Service offered inProviding Ecovadis Certification Consultancy at Global Level
ExpertiseEcovadis Medals, Ecovadis Score Improvement

What is Ecovadis Certification 

Ecovadis is Sustainability rating agency having specific criterias for rating any organization's sustainability management system. 

Ecovadis evaluates Sustainability performance , ESG performance, CSR performance of an organization based on following sustainability rating criterias. 

1. Environment
2. Labor Standards. 
3. Ethics
4. Sustainable Procurement. 

Organizations willing to achieve Ecovadis Certification & looking for Ecovadis Registration process may contact us. 

Blue Sky can provide consultancy services for organizations looking to 

1. Get Fresh EcoVadis Certification

2. Go Through Annual Ecovadis sustainability Assessments

3. Understand Sustainability Score Cards issued by Ecovadis

4. Improving current Ecovadis Score & Get eligible for Ecovadis Logo 

5. Improving Current Ecovadis medal to next level like Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal & Platinum Medal

Our Ecovadis certification consultancy service includes 

1. Understanding Organization's Business nature, Size & their Impact on EcoVadis assessment criterias. 

2. Evaluation of Processes to be deployed in organization for Sustainability Management System as per requirement of Ecovadis 

3. Identification of ESG reporting Indicators as per EcoVadis criteria. 

4. Providing guideline for documentation to be maintained to support implementation & improvement of Sustainability Management System as per Ecovadis requirements. 

5. Understanding Ecovadis Assessment Requirements & mapping relevant documents with same. 

6. Ensuring Organization is ready for going through Ecovadis Sustainability Assessment Process. 

We can provide Ecovadis Consultancy Services to organizations located in India & at Global level. 

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Ecovadis Medals

Ecovadis Medals

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Product Details:
Type of IndustryAny
Certifications ProvidedEcovadis Medal Consultancy
TypeBronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Ecovadis Medals
Consultancy Service TypeEcovadis Medals Consultancy
Document RequiredEcovadis Policies & ESG Reports
Service offered inProviding Ecovadis Consultancy Services At Global Level
ExpertiseEcovadis Gold & Platinum Medals

What are Ecovadis Medals

Following are Medals issued by EcoVadis based on evauation of an organization''s Sustainability Performance 

1. Platinum Medal 

2. Gold Medal 

3. Silver Medal 

4. Bronze Medal

Based on Score obtained by an organization went through Ecovadis Assessment, a medal is provided. 

Along with Ecovadis medal, Organization is also issued Ecovadis logo based on annual subscription plan taken by organization. 

If organization''s score is lower than eligible medal category then in that case, no medals are issued by Ecovadis. 

Based on Ecovadis rating list, an organization may not obtain any medal if score is below Bronze medal category. As Sustainability Management System maturity increases, Organization''s medal journey starts from Bronze level. 

Ecovadis Platinum Rating companies can be considered as most matured in terms of their sustainability practices comparing to Ecovadis Gold Rating , Silver Rating & Bronze Rating companies. 

Blue Sky can help organizations in achieving Eligible Ecovadis medals & Ratings. 

How Blue Sky helps organization in achieving Ecovadis Medals 

1. Blue Sky evaluates current CSR / Sustainability Management system of organization. 

2. Blue Sky maps Sustainability Management System of an organization with Ecovadis''s CSR assessment, CSR rating criterias. High level Ecovadis CSR assessment criterias are Environment, Labor Standards, Ethics & Sustainable procurement. 

3. Blue Sky suggests Documents to be prepared and Sustainability Management System to be implemented in order to comply with Ecovadis sustainability assessment criterias. 

4. Blue Sky provides all necessary guidance & support for implementation of an effective sustainability management system as per Ecovadis CSR assessment criteria & Ecovadis CSR rating methodology. 

5. Blue Sky helps organization in registration with Ecovadis

6. Organization completes Ecovadis assessment as per Ecovadis Questionnaire. 

7. Organization obtains eligible score and eligible medal based on Ecovadis assessment it has undergone.

8. Organization will obtain Ecovadis logo based on their medal and annual subscription plan.

Blue Sky can provide Ecovadis assessment / Ecovadis certification consultancy services to organizations located globally including countries like India, Singapore,UAE, Canada, UK ( Britain) , Poland,South Africa,Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Australia , Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico & New Zealand.

Organizations willing to obtain Ecovadis Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum medals may contact us.

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Ecovadis Certification Cost

Ecovadis Certification Cost

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Product Details:
Testing LocationProviding Ecovadis Consultancy Services At Global Level
Consultancy Service TypeEcovadis CSR Assessment Consultancy
TypeEcovadis Consultancy Services

What is Ecovadis Certification Price or Cost

Ecovadis certification cost & Ecovadis subscription depends upon following parameters. 

1. Company Size in terms of Number of Employees. 
2. Company Location
3. Company's Products & Services. 

Ecovadis Certification Price is varying depending upon above mentioned parameters. 

Ecovadis Annual subscription is available in 

1. Basic - Ecovadis Platform Subscription 
2. Premium - Ecovadis Platform Subscription 
3. Corporate - Ecovadis Platform Subscription 

Ecovadis Certification charges also varies depending upon Subscription obtained by an Organization 

For more information about Ecovadis Certification charges , please contact us. 
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Ecovadis Questionnaire Methodology

Ecovadis Questionnaire Methodology

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Product Details:
Testing LocationProviding Ecovadis Consultancy Services At Global Level
Consultancy Service TypeEcovadis Questionnaire Methodology
TypeHow to complete Ecovadis Questionnaire

What is Ecovadis Questionnaire Process ? How to fill up Ecovadis Questionnaire ? 

  • Organizations willing to obtain Ecovadis Certification are getting assessed through Customized Ecovadis Questionnaire 
  • Ecovadis Questionnaire is prepared based on Company location, Company size & Company business context / Products 
  • An organization willing to obtain Ecovadis sustainability rating shall fill up Ecovadis Questionnaire with sustainability documents as recommended by Ecovadis's sustainability management system 
  • Ecovadis Assessment methodology has unique requirements for Sustainability documentation which needs to be complied
  • Sustainability documents includes Policies, Measures / Actions, KPIs, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, ESG Reports, etc. 
  • It is not Quantity but Quality of Sustainability documentation that meets Ecovadis Questionnaire requirements. 
  • After submission of Ecovadis Questionnaire, organization gets Ecovadis rating with score card after Ecovadis sustainability expert assessment. 

Organizations may contact us which are looking for 

1. How to fill up Ecovadis Questionnaire 
2. How to answer Ecovadis Questionnaire 

In India, We can provide our Ecovadis consultancy services to organizations located at Gujarat ( Ahmedabad Vadodara Surat Rajkot ) , Rajasthan ( Jaipur Udaipur Jodhpur ) , Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi , Uttar Pradesh ( Kanpur Lucknow) , Madhya Pradesh ( Indore, Bhopal ) , Bihar ( Patna ), West Bengal ( Kolkata ), Odisha ( Cuttack, Bhubaneswar ) , Telangana ( Hyderabad ) , Maharashtra ( Mumbai, Pune, Nasik ) , Karnataka ( Bengaluru ) , Andhra Pradesh ( Vishakhapatnam, Vijaywada ) ¸ Tamilnadu ( Chennai, Coimbatore ), & Kerala ( Kochi )
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